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Appelations of origin

This term is applied to an agricultural or food product and whose quality is mainly due to the geographical area where it is produced.

In other words, it is a description that is employed to protect legally certain products produced in a specific area, from other unscrupulous producers that could want to the advantage of its good reputation of the origin.

The producers accepted in the Appelation of Origin are commited to mantain a good quality and certain processes in the production. For instance, in some areas only certain grape varieties are accepted within the Appelation of Origin. Additionally, there is a regulatory board that makes the producers comply with the internal legislation of the Appelation of Origin.

The main advantage is it that guarantees a certain level of quality.


The concerns about a healthier diet and lifestyle are also wine industry concerns. Nowadays we know that the tannins from red wines – only with a moderate consumption – help avoid cardiovascular and circulatory diseases.  Additionally, several studies have shown that the resveratrol, a substantce present in the red grape skins, may help prevent aging and certain conditions like Alzheimer, reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol and prevent blood clots.

Many doctors believe that red wine appears to help your heart. Apparently antioxidants, such as flavonoids or resveratrol, have heart-healthy benefits.

Anyway, people shouldn’t drink wine in an attempt to get any health benefits. Wine is a pleasant beverage only in moderation. TERRAVINIS recommends a moderate intake, as well as avoiding its consumption in certain situations, such as pregnancy, joint with medicines or when driving cars.