Barbecue Sauce


MontajeBBQOur Barbecue Sauce has been rapidly recognised by its fabulous quality wherever it goes.

A panel of experts has catalogued it as the “100% AMERICAN BBQ”. Its quality is identical to the global leader.

In Vulpi we keep the secret recipe of our yummy Barbecue Sauce, which is inmisteakable by its flavour. 

It is ideal as accompaniment or to garnish grilled or baked meat. It contributes with the following characteristics: spicies and salty flavours with a sweet and caramelized backdrop, providing a delicious touch. Also, it provides the meat with a piquant, acid and smokey flavour. Thus, it is the fundamental dressing for every kind of meats, roasts, French fries, pizzas and so on, with an intensive and delicious flavour.

We have achieved the typical American flavour, with the best quality and with the most competitive price.

Vulpi  has the privilege to have the infrastructure, capacity, and the technical team to meet the needs of industrial and individual clients.

We offer two sorts of packaging:

–       Bottle of 250/400 ml.
–       Bottle of 1 litre.

Our range of sauces Barbecue and Brava are succeeding on the national and international markets, thanks to its painstaking and high quality, packaging and pricing.