Personalísimo – Reserva 2002, Toro


We are proud to present our Personalísimo Reserva 2002 from the Appelation of Origin Toro.

The vineyards, next to the Duero river, provide one of the most robust red wines on the market. The main grape variety is the indigenous Tinta de Toro. As a result of our passion and the painstaking elaboration from the vineyard to the consumer, we have created a great wine, awash with personality and Spanish elegance.

Personalísimo Reserva 2002 has been aged for 12 months in French oak barrels. Therefore, it has an enviable complexity as well as a balanced structure. In order to craft this wine, only the best Tinta de Toro grapes have been selected.

We are aware of the fact that the great wines are created only in the best vineyards. In TERRAVINIS, family tradition, love for the terroir, as well as passion for good wine are united along with an innovative spirit. We create wines to be enjoyed.

We are very proud of this fantastic reserva, representative of the Spanish wines quality, with a very competitive price.

Tasting notes

Tawny red colour. We can find mature red fruit aromas, and delicate vanilla and spices tones, as a result of its good aging. In the palate it has a well-rounded and mature tannin.  Lingering finish. A wine with huge personality.


Food pairing


Personalísimo Reserva 2002 goes perfectly with red meats, barbecues and roasts, as well as pulses and cured cheese.



We market Personalísimo Reserva 2002 in bottles of 75cl.