Balsamic Vinegars



After the resounding success of our range of Balsamic Vinegars, we are proud to present our newest novelty:


The first and only low-calorie vinegar of Modena on the market!!

Our technical team has made the traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, that offers a velvety and dense texture, bright dark color, delicate aroma and yummy flavour but…SUGARFREE!!!!

Therefore, our mouthwatering Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is suitable for every single consumer, with the traditional flavour and a low-calorie and balanced diet.

In Vulpi we are aware of the new needs on the market, that`s why our sugarfree and low-calorie balsamic vinegar was born in our own premises in Noblejas (Toledo).

Vulpi has the privilege to have the infrastructure, capacity, and the technical team to meet the needs of industrial and individual clients.

Our Balsamic Vinegars are succeeding on the national and international markets, thanks to its painstaking and high quality, packaging and pricing.

In our headquarters we produce the following Balsamic Vinegar flavours:

– Modena

– Modena low-calorie and sugarfree

– Orange

– Raspberry

– Lemon

– Sherry

– Truffle

– Pedro Ximénez

Our fine Balsamic Vinegars are the perfect dressing to decorate and garnish your favourite dishes.

They are essential for gourmet cooks, as well as gastronomy aficionados, which allow sophisticated presentations, highly creative recipes and fantastic aromas for the most exquisite palates. And with the best value-for-money on the market!!

We offer our Balsamic Vinegars in bottles of 250/400 ml.