About Us


It is a group devoted to the production and commercialization of fine foods and wines, with a painstaking packaging and competitive prices.

Innovative foods with the best quality

We work day after day to be able to offer innovative solutions to our consumers, with the best quality and competitive prices.

We take pride in our excellent line of Barbacue and Brava Sauce, along with our balsamic vinegars, with eight different flavours.

They are the ideal and delicious complement to a bunch of Spanish dishes. The quality is unparalleled. We humbly believe that they are undoubtedly…¡¡the best ones on the market!! We only need to taste a pinch to realize it!

We are also aware of our clients’ needs and the quick changes on the market.  Our effort has been fruitful. The magazine Actualidad Económica has awarded our Sugarfree Balsamic Vinegar with the award to the 100 Best Ideas in the Food Industry…which is…¡¡the first and only one on the market!!

We love wine

We strive ourselves to craft wines that provide happy moments.

TERRAVINIS produces young varietals from verdejo, chardonnay, tempranillo, sauvignon blanc, and cabernet sauvignon in the province of Toledo (Castilla La Mancha).

The climate in this area may be considered as continental Mediterranean climate, thus, the temperatures are extreme. It is characterized by hot summers (average temperature above 26º) and cold winters (average temperature below 6º). Due to its extreme temperatures, the wine produced in this spot of La Mancha is…outstanding!!

We want to thank our clients and their confidence. They inspire us to adapt our products to their needs.

We cannot forget our great team, excellent professionals that would love to help you meet your needs. Do not hesítate to contact us if necessary.